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From Awakened Imagination & The Search“Through imagination, we disarm and transform the violence of the world. Our most intimate as well as our most casual relationships become imaginative, as we awaken to ‘the mystery hid from the ages’, that Christ in us is our imagination. We then realize that only as we live by imagination can we truly be said to live at all. The Complete Reader is not only the compilation of all ten of Neville Goddard’s ground-breaking spiritual classics, but the restoration of the original texts, removing any editorial additions, as well as extraneous text injected by overzealous editors or publishers. These are the words as intended by Goddard, pure and unadulterated.

If you are familiar with this great American mystic, this will be a goldmine of spiritual wisdom in one book. If you are new to his writings, you are in for a spiritual journey that will last a life-time. Read this book not once or twice, but devour it with the fervor of a search for the Holy Grail. For if your desires are noble, and your quest is true, you will find what you seek within these pages.  Barry J Peterson, Author of Reading to the Dead

Dr. Joseph Murphy, the metaphysical writer and lecturer who studied with Goddard in New York City, said of him: “Neville may eventually be recognized as one of the world’s great mystics.”

You are here because you know who Neville Goddard is…I think the quote above by Joseph Murphy sums it up pretty good.Within the next 5-10 years he will become established as one of the worlds greatest mystics. Up till this point in time those following Neville have only had a few choices in literature about the man, and predominately the few readers on the market were incomplete at best and overly edited at worst. What you have above is for the First Time a COMPLETE reader in that it contains ALL of Nevilles book in one edition.

All 10 of Neville’s book are now within your reach on a rainy day or a sunlit afternoon as you recline and search for the true meaning of life. What makes this book unique is the love the Editor, David Allen has for the subject. After reading his books and lectures hundreds of times he has the unique ability to assemble and de-edit as it were, these classics for the next generation. David has found the original texts and has removed any editing or additions made by overzealous editors and publishers of the past and has given you the complete, unadulterated Neville for the first time in publishing history.

There is over 542 pages of Pure Neville that will serve you for decades to come.This was a meticulous undertaking and you will feel the love that the editor has for the subject on each page of this beautiful book. Get your copy today for yourself, and a few copies for those that truly share your vision.


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