Project Updates

2/15/2014  We are pleased to announce the publication of the 12 Volume Neville Goddard Lecture Series. 25 Lectures per volume. Click the link in the navigation bar for full information

12/15/2013 The Complete Neville Goddard Reader Published. For the first time all 10 of Neville’s spiritual classics are available in one volume. Click the link in the navigation bar above for full information.

8/08/2013 5 new audios uploaded and 50 text lectures uploaded

8/04/2013 25 text lectures formatted and uploaded to site.

8/03/2013   First 2 Neville Goddard Lectures uploaded to site. Signs of the End & Awake Oh Sleeper. There are some technical issues dealing with cassette tapes that are almost 45 years old and we are working through it. Already replaced the tape deck but the problems persist, I guess slow and steady will have to do…

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