GOD’s Plan of Redemption I

Neville 03-24-1969



God’s plan of redemption for us is the most incredible, exciting, and amazing story ever told It is the story of

the creator of the universe, who so loved us he became us; and how he is transforming us into himself, so that

we are no longer the created, but the creator No longer the made, but the maker. The gospel tells us how this

is accomplished In the Book of John, we read: “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God

and the Word was God He was in the beginning with God All things were made through him and without him

was not anything made that was made In him was life and the life was the light of men,” Here we see the

Word was not only with God but was God and then personified

Let us continue: “He was in the world and the world was made by him, yet the world knew him not” It has

been established he is the Word, for: “The Word was made flesh and dwells within us.” (The Greek word

translated “among” is the preposition “in” or “within”) John completes this statement as: “He dwells within us

full of grace and truth” (John 1:1-18) Suddenly now the name Jesus Christ is introduced into the narrative,

and the secret is revealed, for “Grace and truth came through Jesus Christ” So the Word, full of grace and

truth, is Jesus Christ He who was in the beginning with God and was God, now dwells in us, transforming us

into himself that we may become as he is We are told: “Your Maker is your husband, the Lord of hosts is his

name” If your maker is your husband, are you not his emanation, his wife, until the work that he began in you

is brought to completion?

In Genesis, we are told: “Woman came out of Man; therefore, Man must leave father and mother and cleave

to his wife until they become one flesh” The Man spoken of here is the Word, out of whom all things come

Having come out of the Word, we are his emanation, his wife, which he must cleave to untilwe become one

body, one Spirit, one Lord, one God and Father of all How can we, the made, be transformed into the

maker? Through the story of the transformation.

One of our great poets said:

“There is an inmost sense in us all

Where truth abides in fullness

To know, consists of opening a way

Out ofwhich the imprisoned splendor may escape

Which, in effect is an exit for a light that Is supposed to be without.”

If grace and truth abide in Jesus Christ in their fullness, and Jesus Christ is in you, is not truth in you in its

fullness? Your splendor is imprisoned within, waiting to unfold himself in you. And when he does, you will tell

it knowing not everyone will accept your story. Knowing your earthly parents as well as your educational,

financial and social background, they cannot believe that God has unfolded himself in you.

But God did not just become you to the point where you are two – you and God. He left everything to

become one with you. Although I am a male, what you see when you look at Neville is God’s emanation,

which is made. Regardless of your sex, you are God’s emanation, yet his wife; for God is your husband, your

creator, called the Word. The same Word that was with God and was God, became you when, full of grace

and truth, he clothed himself in flesh. You can test him and find out for yourself that Jesus Christ is in you. I

have tested himand know fromexperience that this presence who created the universe, is my own wonderful

human imagination. Called Jesus in the New Testament and Jehovah in the Old, his revealed name is I am. I

am is he who was with God and is God I am is an eternally abiding presence. When I am imagining, God is

acting, sending Jesus; for when you imagine, you send yourself into the world to fulfill what you have


God has imagined himself as you He has taken upon himself a garment of flesh and blood for a purpose.

Having sent himself, God cannot return to himself empty, but must accomplish his purpose and prosper in the

thing for which he was sent God died in order to transformthat which was his emanation into himself. When

God awoke within me there were not two of us, only one I am. I am he who had the experience. I am he

who pushed that stone away and came out of my tomb. I am he who held the child in my arms and heard

God’s son callme father. I amhe who experienced the complete severance whenmy body was torn fromtop

to bottom. And when the dove descended and smothered me with love, I amhe who experienced it.

Jesus, your I am, is the Word that was sent to transform you into himself. He is the creator of it all, for

although you seemso limited and unable to create anything here, you can see everything made perfect in your

imagination. You can imagine a state, remain faithful to it and it will be made alive for you. Now, if I ammade

everything and you know you imagined it before it appeared, and it appeared because you imagined it, then

you have found Jesus Christ to be your own wonderful human imagination.

I aminterested in sports. I do not go to the races often, but I do enjoy watching the feature race on TV every

Saturday. Last week a young jockey by the name of Angel Cordova was interviewed after winning the

feature race. Wearing gay colors and looking almost like a circus clown, he was asked about his riding ability,

and answered: “The ability to ride has nothing to do with winning. It is all in feeling lucky. I could ride the best

horse there is, but if I do not feel lucky he won’t come in first.” This chap came to the track feeling lucky.

Was he not imagining that he was lucky when – at the end of the day – he took home maybe $10,000 just for

running the race? He may not know that his ability to imagine and feel “lucky” is Christ, but it is, for by himall

things are made and without himis not anythingmade that is made. The jockey imagined himself a luckyman.

He would not have been lucky if he lost the race. Only by feeling lucky could he bring the horse in first.

Anyone who has succeeded in applying this principle will have felt that same emotion, for feeling causes

action, and no power can stop that action called Jesus Christ, the human imagination.

John begins his prologue in the 18th verse as: “No one has ever seen God, but his only begotten son who is in

the bosomof the Father he has made known.”Our scholars claimthat this Greek passage should have been

translated thus: “No one has ever seen God. He (no name to it) who is in the bosom of the Father has made

himknown.” In the 1st verse of this first chapter of John it is established that the Word is Jesus Christ, who is

one with God the Father. So we know that Jesus Christ is not the one in the bosomof the Father; so who is

this only begotten? I have searched the scriptures and found him in the form of David. In fact, he can be

found all through the Psalms, as that only one who can reveal you to yourself as God the Father. I can tell you

this from now until the end of time, but you will not believe me with certainty until David stands before you

and reveals you to yourself. Although, after this experience you will remain limited in your garment of flesh,

you will know who you are. And you will continue to wear your garment of limitation until your ministry is

over. Scholars have tried to estimate that ministry, claiming it to be from a few months to twelve years. No

one seems to go beyond 12 years, fromthe moment of resurrection to the end of the ministry. They are not

referring to the physical birth froma woman’s womb, but to the second birth out of the skull ofMan.

Now let us return to the beginning, which is the Word – the meaning behind the plan. That meaning was with

God, and actually was God. By him all things were made, and without himwas not anything made that was

made. He was in the world. The world was made by him, yet the world knew himnot.

How many people today can pinpoint their success or failure to their imagination? The average man will say:

John Brown did it, or the storm, or the president. Only a few will confess that their success or failure was

created in their imagination. But I tell you: Christ in you creates your life, for you are all imagination and your

imagination can be used for good or for evil. When you think of God as a man of imagination, you are

recognizing the power behind the mask God wears. Rather than giving credit to the mask, praise the wearer,

who is Christ. It is Christ who erupts from within us. It is Christ who comes out of the skull of the mask he

wears. Christ is the one who bears the name I am, which is what the words Jesus, Joshua, and Jehovah really


When union is complete there is no one else, just you, and you are all alone. Having cleaved to you – his wife

– until you become one flesh, you are that one and only body; and in becoming one body there is only one

Spirit, for God’s name and your name are now the same I am. When you think of another you say “we are”,

but there is no other when you say “I am.” You are all alone when you awake and you are aware, therefore

you are silently saying I am. You are aware of pushing the stone away and coming out of that tomb, and your

awareness is I am. Truth is within us It takes no rise from outer things what`ere you may believe. To try to

effect some entry fromwithout cannot be, for truth comes fromwithin.

The world is blessed, but they do not know it and think they must earn salvation; however, it cannot be

earned. Salvation is grace, which is God’s gift of himself to every child born ofwoman. God died in the most

literal sense of the word by forgetting that he was the one who created the universe. He had to do it in order

to become you, the created. His love for you was so great he left all to cleave to, and become one with, you.

And when his work is complete, God, now individualized, will awaken. I know, for I awoke to find myself

completely entombed where the Word – called the seed ofGod – fell. A seed must fall into the earth and die

in order to be made alive, for unless it does it remains alone; but if it does, it bears much fruit God’s fruit is to

individually awaken as God Himself.

The first 18 verses of the first chapter of John is the prologue. If you will start with the first four verses, then

skip a few verses which speak of John the Baptist, to the 10th verse, you will be able to weave the story

together. The 10th verse begins: “He was in the world and the world was made by him and the world knew

himnot”Do you know that imagination made the entire world? Do you know that a change in imagination will

change the entire world? Do you realize that if you would begin to imagine something entirely different

concerning your life instead of accepting that the so-called wise people say it must be, your world would

rearrange itself to reflect the change? You, all imagination are in the world which you made; yet the world

does not know that imaginationmade it.

Now, the next couple of verses tell of the kind of birth which will be yours: “Born, not of blood or of the will

ofman, or of the will of the flesh but of God.”Here we see an entirely different birth, which will take place in

the one who finds Imagination, believes in him, holds onto and trusts himimplicitly. To prove that imagination

causes change, youmust first change your imaginal structure; and when your world outpictures your thoughts,

you have found him. Then you will realize the truth of that 14th verse, for you will have found the one called

the Word. Having become flesh, the Word is dwelling in you full of grace and truth. Jesus Christ is not some

historical being on the outside. He became flesh and dwells in us. Ten years ago this coming July, he who so

loved me – his creation – took upon himself all of my afflictions, awoke in me, and when he did he wasn’t

another. Imagination is the light which is the life of everyman.

In the 18th verse, the name “Father” is used for the first time: “No one has ever seen God; the only begotten

who is in the bosom of the Father, he has made him known.” It doesn’t say who that begotten one is; but if

you will wait, he will appear. And when you find David, you will know he is your son; and he – knowing you

as his father – reveals you as God the Father. Then you will perform your ministry for the allotted time,

whether it be a few months or years, before you take off your garment of flesh. No longer a part of this

world, you will find yourself in the world ofGod; for being one with God you are part of that one body, one

Spirit, one Lord, one God and Father of all.

Isn’t that the most exciting story you could ever hear? That a man who, although finding it difficult to pay rent,

buy food, and clothe his family, discovers he created this fabulous universe. That’s the incredible story which

every child born of woman is destined to fulfill. The creator of this world and all within it, so loved you he

became you, bringing with himhis plan of redemption, which will erupt to reveal you as God the Father. I am

convinced that not one will fail. A warning is given in many passages of scripture that one must be watchful

and not turn back, but there is no mention of an ultimate failure.

Our priests accept this story as something that happened to another. They see Jesus as a savior on the

outside: but he is the eternalWord of God, full of grace and truth, who took upon himself our garments of

flesh and blood. Even though he dwells in us, he is abiding forever and will continue to do so, even though we

turn back, for “My Word shall not return unto me empty. It must accomplish that which I purpose, and

prosper in the thing for which I sent it.”With the Word being in you as God Himself, although you are free to

turn aside, you will be brought toward your predetermined purpose, which is to make you himself, so no one

can fail. I cannot conceive of anything greater than this. No mystery story or play could even begin to

compare to this concept. Here is a love so great that he died to give that love to his beloved, thereby giving it

life; yet it does not even know that he exists. He is in the world, the world was made by him, yet the world

knows him not. Man, walking the streets, is imagining the world around him; yet he is unable to recognize his

own harvest.

Let me tell you of two ladies who came to my meetings, one here on the West Coast and the other in New

York City. Both ladies were financially embarrassed. They had no money and no one to turn to. All I asked

them to do was assume the feeling of financial security. One lady immediately began to search for the feeling

of security. Every day she imagined having all the money she needed to take care of her desires. Then one

day she visited a friend, where she met a man she had known intimately 30-odd years ago. When he learned

she was penniless, he set up a trust fund for her, providing her with more than she needed to live graciously.

When the other lady heard the story she, too, began to assume she had plenty. She told me that in the matter

of one week, money began coming in. What did they do? They used their human imagination.

I tell you: all things are created by Jesus Christ. Without him there is not a thing made that is made, be it

good, bad, or indifferent. It is Jesus Christ who kills, makes alive, wounds, and heals. If he could not kill or

wound, he is not a creator. If Jesus, the I am, is absolute as a creator, then he has to create everything. We

are told in the 32nd [chapter] of Deuteronomy, “I kill, I make alive, I wound, I heal and none can deliver out

of my hands”Who else could kill but the creator? Who else could heal or wound? Believe in the Lord Jesus

Christ – not as you were trained to believe, but as your very self. Pray to some statute or picture on the wall,

and you are praying to that which is dead. Nothing on the outside is alive, for life is within. The Word became

flesh and dwells in you. If this is true, then you should find out where he is and how to reach him. Is he your

human imagination? Test himand see.

When I was told I could not get out of the island of Barbados I said to myself: all things are possible to Christ

who became me and dwells inme, so right now I believe I have the passage. Feeling the ticket inmy hand, I

walked up the gangplank and onto the ship, Within a few hours the company called, and I sailed just as I

imagined I would, If Jesus Christ makes all things, then he made that passage available to me, I tested him,

and now I know exactly who he is, He is my own wonderful human imagination.

Now, I tell this to everyone who will listen. I do not get acceptance from many, because they still want to

believe in and pray to a little Jesus on the outside. Inmy vaudeville days my dancing partner had a picture she

called Jesus. Wearing very thick grease paint, she would kiss that picture three or four times a day for good

luck. And when she could no longer see the face she would tear the picture up and get another one just like

it. That was her little Jesus Christ. She is not alone, Hundreds of millions of people believe in an external

Christ, and therefore are unable to believe my words.

I urge you to commit those 18 versus of the first chapter of John to memory for everything is woven there.

They are the prologue, the preface to the plan. The play begins with the 19th verse and ends with the 20th

chapter, leaving the 21st chapter as the epilogue. Read the words carefully and you will see that Jesus Christ

is the Word, full of grace and truth. That Word dwells in you. You do not have to look for truth on the

outside, for grace erupts suddenly from within. The world will never see the Word through your garment of

flesh; but you will know that God kept his promise when God’s plan of redemption unfolds itself fromwithin.

Now let us go into the silence

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