Eschatology The Doctrine of the End

Neville 01-20-1969


Eschatology is the doctrine of the last days. It is the dramatic end of human history and the beginning of

eternal salvation. When you, an individual arrive at that point in time, human history and the appearance of the

Son or man (who is God) come together. This will happen in you after the tribulation of human experience,

and of that day and hour only the Father in you knows.

Although God the Father appears to be another, He is your very Self, as His spirit is in you. Were this not so,

you could not commune with Himor He with you. He tells us to: “Bring my sons fromafar and my daughters

from the end of the earth. Bring themall who are called by my name, whom I created for my glory, whom I

formed and made.”You were created for God’s glory, His glory will not be given to another, therefore you

must be the one who created you. This you will know when you experience eschatology. It comes at the end

of human tribulation, when all of the parts have been played, therefore envy no one, the part they are paying,

for you have either played it already or you will play it, for you cannot come to this dramatic end until you

have played all of the parts, and of that day only the Father within you knows.

Eschatology was predicted and was fulfilled in vision. Always bear in mind that all of the stories recorded in

scripture are visions. The Book of Isaiah begins: “This is the vision of Isaiah, the son ofAmos.” He tells you it

is a vision and the sixty-six chapters do not deny it, modify it, or in any way contradict his words. We speak

of the visions ofObadiah, the visions of Ezekiel, and are told that: “The word of the Lord came to Jeremiah.”

These are all visions, not secular history at all.

In the 42nd chapter of Isaiah, we read: “Behold, the former things have come to pass and new I now declare;

before they spring forth I tell you of them.” A literal rendering of the first part of that verse could be: “The

former things, behold they have come, but man will not believe the individualwho experienced them.”

Jesus Christ is not a man. He has revealed himself inme and will reveal himself in all even though the world is

looking for something entirely different. The visions of the prophets will unfold in individual man when he

enters the state called Paul. And when you enter that state, your mystical experiences will reveal the end of

your tribulation of human experience and your entry into the kingdom ofGod.

The entire eschatology of the Old Testament is the coming of Jehovah. He came, but – expecting a physical

person to come fromwithout, they would not believe him.

But Jehovah comes only to fulfill what He had predicted through his prophets, saying: “Behold the former

things have come and are here now.” The former predictions of the prophets become your experiences of the

one who fulfills scripture, for man fulfills the prophecy of himself in the last days.

God, prophesying what he would do through his prophets, entered into the limitation of and took upon

himself the restriction of man. The power and wisdom to create emptied himself of all that was his and, taking

upon himself the form of a slave, was born in the likeness of man. Spirit became obedient unto death, even

death upon the cross of man. And when an individual man told the story of how the prophecies unfolded in

him, no one would believe his story.

So today we still have that fundamental rock called Israel. Their calendar year is now approaching 6,000,

because to themHe has not come. It is only when eschatology comes to the individual does his BC turn into

A.D. The Jew will date their letters as the year 1969 because it is part of the world of Caesar, but believing

Jehovah has not yet come, in his faith, the Jew keeps alive the long passage of time. But Jehovah comes in an

entirely different way. He inspired the prophets to record the visions the individual will experience,


Now ifGod – being Spirit – is known in a vision, what must you do to experience Him? Youmust reenact the

drama within yourself! The resurrection takes place within. The birth foretold to Abrahamtakes place within.

The three who bear witness to the birth are not seen approaching, but suddenly appear within. And the story

of the serpent in the wilderness is fulfilled within when you become the serpent and ascend into heaven as the

Lord God Jehovah.

Who would have thought – I know I didn’t – that the story recorded in the 22nd and 53rd [chapters] of

Isaiah would be experienced in one night? Remember: when the prophets recorded their visions they were

written out, but not paragraphed or made into chapter form. In fact, they were not even punctuated and often

one word flowed into the other. It is man who has taken the manuscript and given it punctuation, verses,

paragraphs, and chapters.

In the 53rd [chapter] of Isaiah, the question is asked: “Who has believed our report and to whomhas the arm

of the Lord been revealed?”One night in vision I found myself in a room much like this one. I was seated on

the floor facing twelve men, explaining the word of God when one quickly rose quickly and departed. As he

left, I intuitively knew he was going to tell the authorities what he had heard. Then a tall, handsome man about

6’4” tall, dressed in costly robes, entered. Because of his importance we all rose and stood at attention as he

walked straight as an arrow to the end of the room, turned right, walked to the end, turned right again and

came down the center to confront me. Taking a mallet and a wooden peg, he hammered the peg into my right

shoulder. I felt every blow, yet it was not painful. Then he took a sharp instrument and with one quick,

circular motion he severed my sleeve, tore it off and discarding it, he stretched out his arms forming the cross,

embraced me, and kissed me on the right side of my neck as I – in turn – kissed him on the right side of his

neck. And as the vision faded I saw the severed sleeve. It was a lovely shade of baby blue. His robe was

costly, but mine was the priceless robe of light, light blue.

So now I know whom I have believed, for that night the armof the Lord was revealed in me, and the 53rd

chapter of Isaiah was fulfilled as well as the 22nd chapter of Isaiah. In this chapter we are told that he puts a

peg into the shoulder of the one he has chosen, and on that peg all of the burdens of Israel are hung until the

peg is broken. Then the utensils of the temple fall, for he has played his part.

Eschatology will never be understood as long as you look for someone on the outside to fulfill it. It an only be

understood when you, personally experience it. Then you will tell your experiences to those who will listen,

and some will believe you while others will disbelieve.

Eschatology is not the end of the world, as people believe. This past year a crowd left California and moved

to Georgia and parts east, believing an earthquake would suddenly appear which would completely inundate

us, and for the first time in recorded history, the east experienced an earthquake which shook twelve states.

What does it matter if an earthquake comes when there is no death? The individualwho seems to die, in truth

is restored to life in a 20-year old body to continue life in the environment best suited for the work still to be

done in him. Cast in a role he has not yet played, he will continue life as we know it here, until he has played

all of the tribulations of human experience. Then and only then will he arrive at eschatology – the day of the

Lord – and only the Father knows when that day will appear.

I don’t care who you are – you are destined to experience eschatology, for it was God’s purpose to give

himself to you and God is able to fulfill his purpose. He created you to radiate his glory and be the express

image of his person.

You cannot stop God from fulfilling his purpose, but you will not arrive at that moment called eschatology

until you have played all the parts – be they good, bad, or indifferent. So I say, envy no one. It doesn’t matter

what they have done, are doing, or will do; do not envy or pity anyone, for you have either already played

that part, or you will.

The Bible records every conceivable evil in the world that man could do to man and describes it openly. And

you have played, or will play, every part before the last days come upon you, and in that day, events of

scripture will unfold in you in a dramatic form imaginable. You will be possessed and find yourself the center

of the entire Bible. As scripture reveals itself in you, you will discover fromexperience that you are the Lord

Jesus Christ. And when you share your experience with others, they will question how a little nonentity who

suffers and has nothing the world he would brag about could dare to make this bold assumption. They will

think of you as blaspheming God, just as they accused him, claiming he blasphemed by stating, I and my

Father are one, that when you see me you have seen the Father; that if you really knew me, you would know

my Father also, but you know neither me nor my Father, for my Father is playing the part that I am.

And then one night in vision, I fulfilled the 42nd Psalm. That night, in vision I found myself leading an

enormous crowd in gay procession to the house of God as a voice rang out: “And God walks with them.”A

woman at my side asked the voice: “IfGod walks with us, where is he?” and the voice replied: “At your side.”

Turning to her left she looked into my face and, laughing hysterically said, “What, Neville is God?” and the

voice replied, “Yes, in the act ofwaking.” Then the voice spoke in the depths ofmy soul, saying: “I laid myself

down within you to sleep and as I slept I dreamed a dream. I dreamed…” and, knowing exactly what he was

going to say, I became so excited I actually nailed myself upon this body in the same manner tradition tells us

he was nailed upon the cross, but it was not a painful experience. Six vortices, each an ecstatic, joyful feeling,

hold me here.

Now I know that no man took (or takes) my life, for I lay it down myself. I know I have the power to lay it

down and the power to take it up again; for I, God the Father, deliberately took upon myself this limitation

upon myself. When I heard the voice that night say: “I laid myself down within you to sleep, and as I slept I

dreamed a dream,” I knew he was telling me that he was I and when the dream is over and he awakes I

would be He, radiating His glory and bearing the express image ofHis person.

This is not for me alone, but for all. Listen to the words: “The glory that thou gavest me I would give to them

that theymay be one even as we are one.” I have told you of the glory that is now mine, thereby giving you

the glory that we may be one. I in you and thou in me, that we may be made perfectly one. I have made

God’s name known to you and I will make it known that the love by which I am loved may be in you. Not

less love, but the same love, so that the whole may become one love!

In the end everyone will experience the whole Bible and tell it as I amtelling it now. A few will believe but the

majority will not. That’s all right, for all of the tribulations of human experience must be fulfilled, with no

omissions. Today you may be one of the so-called beautiful people, possessing inherited wealth. Youmay be

one of the ten best dressed women and spend a quarter of a million dollars on clothes to create the part you

are playing. But tomorrow, even if you haven’t played it, youmay play the part of a scrub woman, for every

part must be played before you can arrive at eschatology.

Having played every part as recorded in scripture, when I aw a man betray me I knew I had played the part

of the betrayer, for I have fulfilled scripture.

Everyone must play it all, if not on this stage, then on another, for when you leave this set on the stage of life,

although you are no longer seen by the audience here, you are not dead, but have entered another stage in the

great theater called life, to continue the work that is still to be done in you, until all of the parts in the play have

been played.

Eschatology is not the end of the earth, but the end of human history and the beginning of eternal salvation. It

is the abrupt cleavage between this world and the transcendental world of God. It is your entrance into an

entirely different world where you radiate God’s glory which you create by your very being, for you are now

the Father. God the Father created you to radiate his glory and bear the express image ofHis person in that

world. I cannot describe it because there are no images on earth to aid me. Life there is entirely different from

this one, for there you are not some little pygmy, but God Himself, completely equipped to do it all!

So if you condemn someone, the chances are you have not played the part he is playing, but will play it

tomorrow, for condemnation simplymoves you closer to the fulfillment ofwhat you have condemned. Let no

one judge you and don’t judge another, for you know too much now. It is my hope you have played all the

parts and that tonight your eschatology will come. Sacred history has been brought to its climax, and fulfilled

in Jesus Christ, but Jesus Christ in you is the one who does it.

Addressing God as, “O righteous Father, he [John] said: “I in them and thou inme.” Now, ifGod the Father

is in me, and I amin you, is He not in you also? Yes, God the Father is in you and Christ, his God’s creative

power, is in you as the pattern man who must fulfill scripture. The plan was made for, and erupts in Christ –

the Christ in you. He is your hope of glory, for you are the one spoken of as Abraham.

In the state called Abrahamthe promise was made that you would have a child. So what part are you playing

then the child appears? Abraham looked up to see three men standing before him. He thought they were

messengers of the Lord for he did not realize he was the Lord himself. It is said he did not see them

approaching they came so suddenly. And when the prophecy is fulfilled your attention is diverted for a few

seconds by an unearthly wind, and when you look back those that you did not see approaching are sitting

where your body was, for your body is now gone. The body has been removed because you only wore it for

a little while, but while you wore it something happened in you.

Now a lady wrote this past week, saying: “Inmy dream I was shoveling dirt. Although it seemed as though I

was digging in the earth, I knew I was digging in my own brain.” That’s a lovely vision and a true one.

Everything takes place in the brain – the earth, for man is made up of the dust of the earth, so her vision was

perfect. She was digging in her own brain. For she is on the verge, although I cannot tell her the day or the

hour, for only the Father in her knows.

If you will read the Book of John – which differs somewhat from the synoptics, you will discover that John

pinpoints the day the vision will occur, stating that the birth, followed by the resurrection, will take place

between 6:00 P.M. on Sunday and 6:00 P.M. onMonday. That is when it happened inme. I went to bed on

Sunday evening about 11:00 P.M. and awoke, was born from above, and resurrected at 4:00 A.M. on

Mondaymorning. You will follow the same pattern. Having entered the world before the coming of Jehovah,

you entered the world fromB.C. and when it happens your world turns into the year of the Lord, A.D.

The Old Testament is crowded with eschatology – the coming of Jehovah. He came but was not recognized

because it was not what people expected. But He is coming in your world and you are going to fulfill

scripture. When you realize you are the central character of the Bible, you are going to feel so wonderful. I

cannot tell you the thrill that is in store for you when you experience everything written there. Even though it

has happened to others, scripture is all about you, because in the end there is no other. In that day, you will

know that I dwell in them and thou in me, and we, all gathered together are perfect in that one body, one

Spirit, one Lord, one God and Father of all.

You will not have a different son from the speaker. We have the same son. When I tell this to priests, rabbis

and ministers, they throw up their hands in holy horror and claim I have taken all of their religion from them.

What they have been taught is true on a certain level of awareness, but I amspeaking fromexperience. I have

experienced scripture. I know it is true, but it is not what the world teaches.

Jesus Christ is God the Father and Jesus Christ is in you. One day you will find out that you are God the

father and because you are you will produce a son to bear witness to that fact. Now no one knows who God

the Father is, except his son who comes into your world to reveal you to yourself. And when he appears you

don’t have to ask himwho he is; the minute you see himyou know exactly who he is and he knows who you

are. There is no uncertainty as to this relationship. To know that you are God the Father, yet while you

remain here in the world of Caesar you will continue to wear the little garment that suffers, as all garments do.

But after you have experienced eschatology and leave this little garment behind, you will no longer be

restored to life, for you will have come to the end of human history.

In the Book of Acts it is said that Paul remained at home, talking from morning to night about the word of

God and the kingdom of heaven. It does not say how Paul departed, in spite of tradition where they claimhe

was a martyr. Paul was not murdered. The word “martyr” means “witness”. He was a witness, yes, a witness

to the truth ofGod’s word, for the word is true, and someone had to witness it.

So when it happens to you, you will tell it. You may not speak from the platform, as I do, but you will tell it.

You can’t restrain the impulse as we are told in Jeremiah: “If I say I will not mention himor speak anymore in

his name, there is inmy heart, as it were, a burning fire and I am tired of holding it in and I cannot.” It’s simply

something within you and you cannot stop telling your story. You will be compelled to make known unto

themGod’s name and the love by which you are loved, that that same love may be in them.

Now, Jesus Christ does not stand before himself and call himself Father. God’s only begotten son, David,

stands before Jesus Christ in you, and calls you father as he called me Father. Then you will know we are the

same Jesus Christ.

I can say to every one of you: you are going to have this experience and know from experience who you

really are. There are not a lot of Jesus Christ’s running around, there is only God the Father. If I amthe father

of God’s only begotten Son as told me in the 2nd Psalm and you have the same experience, then you and I

are the same Father. And if the whole world has the same experience – and they will – then we are the one

God and Father of all, are we not? So John’s prayer is that all will become one as he has become one

Father. And he speaks of the glory recorded in Isaiah, saying: “The glory thou gavest me, I have given them.”

God didn’t keep a little glory for himself and share the rest. It’s the same glory, because there cannot be

another. So in the end there is only one God, only one Lord, only one Father, and only one Son and you will

be the Father of that son, as I know I amthe Father of that one and only son.

This is eschatology – the arrival of the end of the tribulation of human experience and the beginning of eternal

salvation. And, although youmay not remember, you had to have played every part in this world to arrive at

the fulfillment of scripture. The blind man, the deafman, the poor man, the richman, the beggar, the thief, the

murderer, the betrayer, the betrayed – you name it and scripture has mentioned it. , You can’t name one vile

or evil state that is not described openly in scripture. And you have played themall, or you will.

I think you who come here have played themall or you would not be this constant. You would find something

far more interesting tonight, raining as it is, than to be here. So in the not distant future you will be fulfilling

scripture and experiencing the thrill of the events s they happen. Today we watched the inauguration of a new

president. It was a marvelous production, but it pales into insignificance compared to the dramatic quality that

possesses you when scripture unfolds within you.

Can you imagine waking and coming out of your skull as one coming out of a womb? Then five months later

finding your son who calls you Father? These two different events are recorded in the 9th chapter of Isaiah

as: “To us a child is born; to us a son is given.” The child appears to bear witness to your birth, and the son is

given to witness your Fatherhood. You may think the child and the son are the same, but they are not. They

signify two dramatic events within you. I am sure our new president felt thrilled to be sworn in by our chief

justice, but the thrill you will experience when scripture unfolds within you is far greater, for these experiences

belong to the transcendentalworld ofGod, and not to this mortalworld of history.

Can you imagine the thrill that possesses you when, like a fiery serpent, you ascend into heaven and it

reverberates like thunder? Having played that part of one in generation, you are regenerated and all that you

have ever done is forgiven.

I have shared my visions of the last days with you. They will come, but only after you have experienced all the

trials and tribulations of human experience. Don’t try to remember them for God, in his infinite mercy has

hidden the memory from you for a purpose and in the end it is all washed away anyway. “Though your sins

are as scarlet they shall be as white as snow,” so it really doesn’t matter. But I urge you to condemn no one,

for you have played the part he (or she) is now playing or you will play it.

It’s a horrible play, but in the end when eschatology unfolds within you, you will understand the meaning

behind it all.

Now let us go into the silence.

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