By Water and By Blood

Neville Goddard 1956


My subject this morning is taken from the First Epistle of John. Now these twenty-one letters, or as we call

them Epistles, are not really addressed to individuals or groups. They are mysteries, as is the entire Bible.

Whether the Bible in the Old Testament tells the story in the form of history or whether they tell it in the form

of a parable, or whether in the form of a letter, they are all revelations of the mind of God expressed in

symbolism. Now, I do not claim that I can give you an exhaustive interpretation of any single story of the


Because they are revelations of the mind of the Infinite, no single interpretation could ever be exhaustive. On

one level it may be true, and then you and I expand in consciousness and we re-read the letter and see it

differently, and a further expansion in consciousness causes us, even when we re-read it for the third or fiftieth

time, to still see the letter in a different light. So in this morning’s interpretation I will try to keep it on to a level

that is most practical.

We are told in this 5th chapter of First John, “This is He that came by water and blood even Jesus Christ, not

by water only, but by water and blood.” So these are symbols of birth. Every natural birth in the world is

accompanied by the flowing of water and blood. It’s trying to tell the individual of a certain mystery of birth

but he uses the word Christ Jesus and that is the symbol of a trulymysterious birth – something out of nothing.

That is the mystery. Out of death life. Man cannot conceive it. How can something alive come out of that

which is dead – how can something come out of nothing? Man accepts it in the mineralworld for he sees if he

goes back far enough in time could he push the mystery in some remote past, he will accept the fact that

some time, in a way not known to modern science, out of a non-organic substance came an organism.

He will call it by some little tiny name – an amoeba – and that will satisfy his mind, but he stops – he still will

not admit that he stated that there was a non organic substance, or nothing or something that was dead, out of

which came life – out of which came something. He doesn’t want to wrestle with that problem so he leaves

that, jumps over the pages of history and comes to some little thing more complex. Then he teaches evolution

from that state. But when he goes far enough back he finds no answer for the appearance of life out of

nothing or death.

So here is the mystery. It comes by water and by blood, not by water only but by water and blood. This is

the great mystery of the incarnation, the death and the resurrection. What incarnation – what death and what

resurrection? The mind instantly thinks in terms of two thousand years ago and we think that was the great

mystery, but before I jump into the mystery, let me quote you the very last verse of this wonderful 5th

chapter: “Little children keep yourselves from idols.” No matter how officialdom justifies them and tells you

this is the image of your Savior revealed through the minds of a Saint or a great artist, you are warned in this

chapter to keep yourselves free, completely free of idols, in harmony with the Second Commandment, “Thou

shallmake no graven image unto the Lord thy God.”No matter how it is justified by officialdom or orthodox

society, you are asked please not to make anything external to your own mind and bow before it as a

creative power, for here he is trying to reveal the true creative power that is in man. It sleeps in man as his

passive mind. As you unfold the mystery, it awakens fromits passive state into its active state, and the birth of

the active mind is truly the resurrection of Christ inman. It is Christ inman that is the hope of glory.

Now here in another verse, he gives you a test. He asks you to ask whatsoever thing in this world in My

Name that the Father may give it you. He did not restrict you to one desire – ask whatsoever thing you desire

in my name and the Father may give it you. Now, if you take it literally, as I have heard thousands and

thousands of prayers in my own home, – raised in a Christian atmosphere – we said grace at meals and

Mother invariably said it and invariably ended with the words “For Jesus’ sake, Amen” but nothing happened.

We ate the food and enjoyed the food, and you will say prayers – long verbal appeals to God for something –

always ending “For Jesus’ sake, Amen”, thinking that if I said it was for His sake that I would so tempt my

Father to give it to me, for did he not say “Whatsoever thing ye desire, ask it in My name, and the Father will

give it to you.”Well, you ask it forever in that name and nothing happens – therefore, he didn’t understand the

mystery – so what is the mystery – even Jesus Christ who came not by water only, but by water and the


We have put it into the most practical manner in the world – something out of nothing – life out of death.

Conceive of something you desire. Just think of it. The mere thinking of something, that is a conception

unaided by another. Is that not an “immaculate conception?” You knew no one in the formulation of your

desire. Now you intend to realize it. It is clear in your mind’s eye – it is a holy conception – it is a virgin

conception. Can you bring about that something that seemingly is not existing – it is non-existent – it has no

existence in fact, and embody it? Can you incarnate it? For this is the mystery of the incarnation that comes

by water and blood. Here is a birth that could take place if I am willing to give it human parentage. I must

give it human parentage – it cannot of itself be born, for unless I myself become it, it cannot be born; so I

desire to be something other than what I am.

Now what is the water ? The water is the great mystery, the great psychological truth that I must discover

which will enable me, if I accept it to live a life according to that truth and give expression to my desire. For

water is the truth and the blood is the application of that truth. I could know everything in the world to be

known of the mystery but never live by it; still continue to live as I have always lived, passively, accepting the

evidence of my senses as fact. accepting the dictates of reason as my guide; I could overhear a conversation

or I could read it in a book, or hear it in a place like this on a Sundaymorning – that if you desire something

intensely and you truly desire it, and you have a clear mental picture ofwhat you would like to be or what you

would like to accomplish, or what you would like another friend to realize – you know exactly what you

would like in this world. Now, this is the water by which it could be born, but it cannot be born ofwater only,

it must be born of water and blood, so I will give you the water: when you know what you want, you make

as vivid and as lifelike a representation of what you would see, ofwhat you would hear and what you would

do were you physically present and physicallymoving about in such a situation.

To take an example – suppose I desired a certain apartment or a certain home or a certain business. Take

one, so you will not be confused. We will take an apartment. But reason tells me I cannot afford it. Reason

tells me I haven’t enough furniture for so big an apartment – reason tells me a thousand things that would deny

that I could ever realize it, but I stillwould like it. Now this is what I would give you in the form ofwater – for

something must come out of nothing and life out of death. To embody that state I make it real. You pull it

seemingly from a state that is non-existent; therefore, something out of nothing. To make it real and to

incarnate it and to become alive to it and it to you, you are pulling life out of death.

Now this is what you do. There is a death involved but it is not the kind of death that men call death. There is

a death – there is a radical change of your state of mind. You completely give up the belief that you are not

living in such a place; that is irrational, but that is what you are called upon to do; to completely deny the

evidence of your senses and to boldly assume that you are already in that state that you occupy. There you

dwell in a state that reason denies. You dwell in an assumption that your senses deny. That is just the water.

If you do it, you are applying the blood. If you are told to do it, you are given the truth, for it will work. That

water, if you could only add the blood to it, will bring the invisible state into the visible world, and what

seemingly is non-existent will crystallize and harden into fact. But if you only know it, as too many of us know

it, and think the mere knowledge is enough – we will come here on Sundaymorning and thoroughly enjoy this

wonderful hour – the music, the message, the meditation, the feeling of companionship you find here, and the

whole thing is a thrill for an hour – but such knowledge cannot bring Christ Jesus to birth. In this state Christ

Jesus, – now, I’ll analyze it for you, – on a lower plane the word Jesus means salvation; the word Jesus, which

is Jeshua, means to save. If I desire something and I don’t realize it, then I simply continue a life of frustration.

If I realize my objective, I have been saved from frustration. Take a simple matter. Suppose I wanted a suit

of clothes because I was in need of raiment. If I don’t realize the suit of clothes I am not saved from my

nudity. If I realize the suit of clothes, I have been saved. For this is an all inclusive Savior, not just a man.

If I wanted water, literal water, a lecture will not quench my thirst. If I wanted food, literal food, the most

wonderful revelation would not actually satisfy my hunger, so Jesus is all inclusive, meaning everything you

desire. He is it, because if you embodied that desire, you embodied your Jesus. Now, to embody Jesus; He

cannot be embodied by the knowledge of what to do only. He can only be embodied by the application of

that knowledge. So the knowledge of what to do is called water; the water of Truth; but the use of that

lovingly is called the flowing of the blood.

So here we find the symbols that always accompany birth, that which is presented in this mystery. You are

told the limit is within you. Youmake the limit. There is no limit. Whatsoever you desire, ask inMy name, for

name simplymeans nature. If I wanted to be in a house and to feel that I amthe occupant of that house, there

is a certain feeling, a certain nature that goes with it. I must appropriate it as though it were true. Here I am

called upon to bring something alive out of a state that is dead for if I told you what I have done, you would

question my sanity and you would feel I am trying to give expression to something that is being pulled out of

nothing, for you cannot see it – you don’t see me in the house, you don’t see me actually occupying and

enjoying the life that you know I desire to enjoy, so if I persist in that assumption, to you, – if you should

know my persistency, – youmight think I am headed towards a form of insanity , but if tomorrow the house

becomes an embodied fact and I the occupant, then you look at it passively – you will still try to justify it by

tracing its appearance back to a visible cause. You will see that in some way, unknown to you, my resources

were lifted up, that in some way I became more eligible for that house and you will trace it back to a change

inmy fortune, you will trace it back to a change in something inmy world, but you won’t trace these changes

back to the unseen assumption in which I dwell.

So, as the mystic tells us in the 11th of his Letters to the Hebrews – “‘Things seen were not made of things

that do appear.”Man refuses to accept it so he takes everything in his world and tries to take it back to some

visible cause, even with the aid of his microscope. He takes the microscope and he will peer through it to

prove to his own satisfaction there is a visible, tangible cause; or he goes off into space with his telescope. He

must find in the outer world causes of the changes in the outer world. He cannot believe that the whole vast

outer world is held together fromwithin and we are only on the surface looking at it fromwithout and trying

to analyze it and to understand it fromwithout, and all that appears without, though it seems there, it isn’t. It is

all fromwithin – allwithin the mind ofman – and that is the mystery.

So do not make an idol, no matter who makes you the idol, no matter what holy man tells you this is a

wonderful thing that will bless you – there is no blessing in states on the outside. Bow to nothing on the

outside. We have wondered why throughout the centuries a certain race of people did not become greater

sculptors, greater artists in the form of painting great religious teachers. Maybe they were really taking that

second commandment very, very seriously. Make no graven image, no not one, unto Me. Make nothing that

is graven, that is objective, as an image of your Father that is free, for I AM Spirit. If you were to worship

Me you worship Me in spirit and in truth but not in anything that you can turn to on the outside and bend the

knee before it, whether it be a church, a synagogue, or some statue that hangs upon your wall, He is not

there, He is in your mind; He is housed within you – there is the living God within the Temple and the temple

is man. “Ye are the temple of the living God.”

So when I speak of the water and the blood I speak not of the things that you can see with the eye, such as

water, and such as blood. They are only symbolized functions of the mind and the function first comes with

water. I must first know what to do before I can do it. So water comes first. He takes water and puts it into a

stone jar, gives it something like a shape, and from that stone jar filled with water He draws not water; He

converts it, He draws wine.

So here is the first miracle. I know what to do. I take this little world ofmine that is stone and then I extract

fromit something that is not seen, not quite as hard as that. I call it water. I see something bringing all this into

being. I know how it’s brought into being. That a man living in luxury is not to be judged harshly because he

has it and you haven’t it. He is living in a state of consciousness that solidifies in the formthat you see now and

call luxurious, one in a state of health, one who is recognized, one who is accomplished, one who is

contributingmuch to the world. Don’t judge them. These are states made visible. Find out if you can get into a

similar state. He is not occupying the only state in the world. There are infinite states and if you try even to

duplicate that state, it can be duplicated, or you can get close to it or you can transcend it. Find out within

your own mind’s eye what you want. Don’t be envious of him. Leave him alone for he is applying the law: he

is entitled to everything in this world that he can actually conceive and desire and put himself into and live it –

for man is living in an infinite world of invisible states and an individual wisely or foolishly occupies a state.

While he remains faithful to the state, the state will externalize and become the circumstances and the

conditions of his life. The moment he detaches himself in consciousness from that state the things that he

enjoyed before vanish fromhis world.

Now, if everything inmy world depends upon a state of consciousness, it would be the height of insanity to

seek the thing before I actually fix withinmyself the state on which the thing depends, for that which requires a

state of consciousness to produce its effect cannot be effected without such a state of consciousness, so

when I know what I want, to support that, there is an invisible state of consciousness. The world calls that

invisible state a non-existing nothingness. They cannot even call it a thing for to them it has no existence, no

reality. That is the mystery – a self begotten child conceived unaided by another and carried faithfully in the

womb ofGod, which is the mind ofman; it was placed there without the aid of another, byman’s desire. That

was the immaculate concept, that’s the virgin conception.

Now the virgin birth; can I bring it fromits invisible state and reallymake it a tangible fact within my world ?

Try it! As you try it with one thing, and you succeed, you will try it with two and four and eight and so on,

and eventually the sleeping giant in man, which is the son of God in man called Christ, will awaken. He will

awaken by moving from the passive state to the active state. The passive state is simply the complete and

utter surrender of man to appearances; to live believing that life is on the outside, and he moves from that

state where he surrenders and believes all these things to be causes to the active state where he puts

everything in subjection to that something within himself which is his awakened imagination. He imagines a

thing to be so, he persuades himself that it is so and walks faithful to his assumption.

Then you will know why in the 14th of the Letters to Romans he tells us that every man be fully persuaded in

his own mind – don’t persuade her, leave her alone – you persuade yourself of the changes you desire

expressed in her. If you desire a change in your relationships at home or in business, you don’t argue, you

don’t persuade them, for let everyman be fully persuaded in his ownmind; so can I persuade myself that you

are as I desire to see you? Then, to the degree that I can persuade myself, you will conform in the outer

world to that persuasion. If I hope to see changes there, before I myselfwill start the change on the inside, the

chances are I will hope in vain. You, yourself, may desire certain changes and I might see themchange inmy

world, but they were not caused because I moved into an active state. I am still reflective and most of us in

this world are reflecting life, and the purpose of a church of this nature is to make us not reflect but to affect

life. If I affect it then Christ is awakened withinme.

If I only reflect it, then I sleep with Adam, and the purpose is to move from the sleep of Adam to the

wakefulness of the son ofGod, called Christ. Adam, too, is called the son ofGod but in the state of profound

sleep, but he moves from that state of sleep, or the passive state of the mind, to the active state and is then

called Christ Jesus. But such cannot be born by the knowledge of what to do alone. It can only be born by

such knowledge applied.

So if I take even a little bit, if I never came here again and took what I have heard this morning, that little bit

of knowledge, if applied, will be far more fruitful than much knowledge which I gather Sunday after Sunday

which is not applied, so if you have all the water in the world – by water I mean spiritual truths – you didn’t

ever apply them, then you will be no nearer the proving of it than you are now; but if you took a little bit, one

drop of this water, and went out even to disprove it, but in order to disprove it, you must seriously and

sincerely try it. If you try it, you won’t disprove it, you will be encouraged to drink more water and still more

and bring about this birth of your Savior; and you decide what will save you today from your present

predicament. It may be a job. It may be an increase of funds, it may be companionship. It may be something

I don’t know, but whatever it is that you this day desire, and unless you get it you feel thwarted – you feel

frustrated – then it would save you if you got it. Now take that as your Savior. Look into your mind’s eye and

see it clearly. It may seem almost sacrilegious to the orthodox mind to tell you that when you see clearly in

your mind’s eye the state desired, either for self or another, you are actually looking into the face of Jesus, for

you are seeing the state that could save you fromwhere you are or what you are .

So you try it, and the mind will expand. You will find yourself not only increasing in this world, in the outer

world, but you will find mystical revelations taking place within you, which is the purpose of the teaching. It is

not just to bring about changes in the outer world that are desirable but to bring about changes in the inner

that ascends man on higher levels of consciousness – for the purpose of the whole appearance of man is to

awaken fromthe lowest descent on the ladder to the highest; he is ascending to the highest, for we are told in

the vision of Jacob, above it all stood God, on the ladder stood these heavenly beings ascending and

descending but above all stood God, so the real destiny ofman is to reach the height that he may awaken as


So the mystery is God became man that man may become God – so He came down as man. Take the same

verse and give it a higher interpretation. So here God died yes, to become man. The death of God is

complete forgetfulness of the fact that He is God. He had to completely forget that He is God, and therefore

die to awaken as man. If he remembered He was God He just couldn’t be man, but a complete and utter

death, which is complete forgetfulness, that I am God, to become man. So the poet wrote it beautifully and

said, God became man that manmay become God. Then he asked unless I die you could not live, but if I die

I shall arise again and you withme. Then he goes on to ask man, could you love one who had never died for

thee or could you die for one who had not died for thee, and so he is putting this into the most wonderful

poetical mystery in the book Jerusalem, by Blake; so he reveals to the mind who can see it, that you who

believe yourself because you are visible and youmust do what man passively must do: he traces your origin

back to a germ. As long as you began as a germ, you are no more than a big germ. If you begin as something

else you are only something enlarged of the same thing. For all ends run true to origins. If I can take you back

where you cannot see it and take you back to the great mystery that you are actually begotten ofGod, if your

origin is God, your end is God. If your origin is a bug then your end is a bug – so you have the choice, passive

mind, which is really the scientific mind, must still insist on finding causes external to itself. It cannot find

causes in that passive state within itself.

I tell you the great mystery is that you came out of a seeming death. It is a death. God died to become man,

because He desired the companionship ofmen as Gods, as the poet told us, “Man should not stay a man. His

aim should higher be. For God will only Gods accept, as company.” So you cannot in your present state of

the passive mind be companions of your Father who longs and desires that every son, every child. awakens

to become companions ofDeity.

So to do it, He had to die as God, and become His creation in the hope that the creation would awaken and

become His companion. But you see He gave us such a gift. He completely freed me of the responsibility of

returning. I don’t have to awaken. I am as free as the wind. He gave me complete freedom ofwill. I may hurt

myself, ruinmyself, but because of the gift ofGod to me, to make me alive. He cannot interfere and cause me

to awaken. He may appeal through awakened children and they may appeal to their sleeping brother, but

they cannot by the same law interfere with the will of the sleeping brother. No matter who awakes they

cannot interfere and make me awake. They can only appeal and try in some subtle way to suggest, but the

gift was absolute. God gave Himself to become me, and findingmyselfman, I think my origin was man, so my

destiny, no matter how big a man I become, no matter how wise a man, it will still be a man. But if my origin

is God, my destiny is God and I will awaken one day to discover this wonderful unfolding mystery within

myself .

And now my time is up.


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