Bear Ye One Anothers Burdens

Neville 03-17-1969


The Bible is the most practical book in the world. In it we are told that one named Simon carried the cross

behind Jesus. The word “Simon” means “to hear with understanding and consent to what is heard.” And

Jesus is your own wonderful human imagination.

The gospel tells what happens in the soul of Jesus. The events recorded there are seen and heard by none

save but Him. Through these experiences He gains the certainty that He is not only the Son of God, but also

God Himself. But when he tells his story few will accept it, as his experience of scripture differs greatly from

its interpretation by the priests and rabbis. Simon, however, understands what he hears and, consenting to it,

he carries the cross.

We are told to “Bear ye one another’s burden and so fulfill the law of Christ.” Now, the law of Christ is

described in the Sermon on the Mount. It is a psychological law, as Christ tells you in the 5th chapter of

Matthew, saying: “You heard it said of old, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ But I tell you, anyone who looks

lustfully upon a woman has already committed the act with her in his heart.’” (The word “heart” and “soul” are

synonymous in scripture.)

When you are told in the 4th chapter of Psalms to “Commune with your own heart upon your bed,” are you

not communing with yourself? And in that communion are you not told that the act is committed? I tell you:

the law of Christ is imaginal and you carry His burden, for “Inasmuch as we do it to one of the least of these,

we do it unto Him.”

Paul, seeing the meaning of Christ, said: “From now on I regard no one from the human point of view, even

though I once regarded Christ from the human point of view, I regard him thus no longer.” Paul realized that

Christ was the pattern of salvation buried in every child born of woman, and did not seek a little Christ, but

the universalCosmic Christ buried in all.

There is only one Christ, so when you imagine, you are imagining Christ. Now, one who hears and believes

this is called Simon. It is he who goes out and carries the cross by lifting the burden from the back of the one

being who is carrying the entire cross; for every human is a cross, who collectively form the cross the Cosmic

Christ bears.

When one hears the story and believes it, he goes out to lift the weight of every cross. Seeing someone

struggle to pay rent or buy food because he is financially embarrassed, Simon lifts his cross by seeing the man

gainfully employed. He does this because he knows he is doing it only to himself, as there cannot be another.

As a psychological act, he represents the other to himself as he would like to see that other, and to the degree

he is self-persuaded that what he imagined is true, it will become true.

Simon does not move a cross from one little point in space to another. He goes through life following Christ,

as he bears the cross and lifts the weight ofmankind. Many a man remains behind the 8-ball because no one

ever thought he could be anything other than what he appears to be. Fortunately I had a mother who, at a

tender age took me aside and persuaded me that I was her favorite. She would say: “You willmake mother

very proud of you, won’t you?” and naturally I said: “Yes, mother.” I wore long white curls at the time, and

she would curlmy hair, run her finger up my curl, kiss me, and send me on my way – then call the next one to

have his hair curled. Mother told the same story to each of us. It was only after we had all grown to manhood

that we discovered what mother had done, but by that time she had accomplished her purpose. She didn’t

expect us to make a fortune but to be one in whomshe would be proud, and in our own separate spheres we

all became successful in her eyes.

Many a man is a failure today because no one ever believed he could be otherwise. So I say to you: if you

believe that there is only one being and only one cross, you will lift the cross froma seeming other, and – as

Simon – follow your imagination to its fulfillment.

Every child born of woman is a cross, animated by Christ Jesus; so when you lift the burden froman infant or

one of many years, you are doing it unto yourself. As you bear one another’s burdens you fulfill the law of

Christ; for inasmuch as you do it to one of the least of these, you have done it unto me. If you believe me and

put your belief into practice, you are bearing the cross. But if you are so engrossed in your own little world

that you cannot see another as a projection of yourself, you do not believe me and will not become a Simon.

Only as you believe and act, will you bear the cross as Simon, enter the temple in the Spirit, and – finding the

child – take him up in your arms and say: “Lord, let now thy servant depart in peace according to thyWord,

for my eyes have seen the salvation ofGod.”

Called a little child in the Book of Luke, God’s creative power is symbolized as the unveiled arm in the Book

of Isaiah. In this wonderful 53rd chapter of Isaiah, the prophet speaks of the unveiling of the arm ofGod as

the salvation of the world. And when the prophecy is fulfilled it appears as though you are betrayed, but I ask

you: what did Judas betray? He betrayed the messianic secret of Jesus and the place where he might be


A secret must first be heard before it can be told. I have betrayed the messianic secret in my book called

Resurrection, so I have played the part of Judas. Having experienced the part of Jesus, I have recorded my

experiences so that anyone coming after I have gone fromthis sphere will know the secret.

The messianic secret is unlike that which the priesthoods of the world believe. Jesus is not a little man who

comes from without to save mankind. Jesus comes from within, for He is a pattern, which unfolds in and

reveals the individual as the Son ofGod who is God. Knowingmy scripture, when the visions came uponme

I searched and found they dovetailed one another. I have shared my experiences with everyone who will

listen; and those who hear themwith understanding and accept thembecome Simon, who picks up the cross

and eases the burden fromthe back of the Cosmic Christ.

When you meet someone who is unemployed and take a moment to imagine himgainfully employed, you are

Simon. Practice this art daily. Pick up your cross and set everyone free from what he seems to be. That is

how you bear one another’s burden and so fulfill the law of Christ, which is all imaginal.

If you hear this message with understanding you will go out and fulfill the law of Christ. If you do not

understand me you may not agree, but I tell you: this is the most incredible story that can ever be told. You

need not have a brilliant mind to accept it. In fact, the more brilliant your mind is, the less chance this concept

will be believed, yet I tell you it is true. Everyone who accepts it will one day experience scripture within

himself, for the gospel is nothing more than that which happened within the soul of Jesus, who is Jehovah,

who is the Lord, in you.

Jesus is your awareness of being, your I AM. It is He who hears the story and either accepts or rejects it. If

you think of a man who lived two thousand years ago when I use the word “Jesus,” you will not see the Jesus

in everyone; for Jesus is awareness, sound asleep and carrying a tremendous burden as His dream. If you will

accept my story, Jesus will begin to awaken as you lift his burden and carry the cross behind your

imagination. Simon is first seized, and then the cross is placed upon him as the individual who hears and

understands and consents to what he has heard.

If you really believe me you will not pass anyone without doing something to lift his burden. Taking up his

cross, you will represent him to yourself as you would like to see him; and to the degree that you are

self-persuaded, he will become it, even though he may never know what you did. Things will happen in his

world and he will become what you conceived himto be, not knowing who did it…but who did it? Christ, for

there is only Christ in the world. You can take no credit in the doing, because you are only doing it to


As you represent another to yourself as you would like to see him, you are lifting his burden and fulfilling

God’s law. And when your time is fulfilled you will enter the temple and find the sign of the birth of your

creative power as a child wrapped in swaddling clothes. Then the arm of God, who creates everything, is

unveiled in you and fromthat day on whatever you imagine will come to pass – I don’t care what it is. I ask

you to dwell upon this thought and follow the pattern of Simon. Lift the burden of someone today, and maybe

tomorrow you will be able to do it to two. Don’t let another remain carrying his burden, because there is no

other. Lift his burden fromyourself and follow Jesus Christ, your own wonderful human imagination.

The dream of life begins with the call of Abraham, and comes to its climax and fulfillment in Jesus Christ.

Everyone must and will experience that climax. Then the curtain will come down and you will leave this

sphere to join the heavenly brotherhood, who contemplates this world of death saying: “What seems to be, is

– to those to whom it seems to be.” Take that one little statement: what seems to be is to those to whom it

seems to be. You can assume any state and persuade yourself that it is so, and it will become so. Torments,

despair, and eternal death will also seem to be, “But Divine mercy steps beyond and redeems Man in the

body of Jesus”; for in the end there is only one body, only one Lord, and you are that one Jesus Christ. You

willwear that one Risen Body as your own and be the one Spirit that inhabits it. And you will know yourself

to be that one Spirit who is the Lord of all.

Today you are not aware of your true identity, but Paul made it very, very clear in his 2nd letter to the

Corinthians, when he said: “Ifwe have been united with Christ in a death like his, we certainly shall be united

with himin a resurrection like his.” Do you see the difference in tense? We have already died with Christ, and

we will live with himwhen God’s pattern of salvation erupts and the gospel unfolds within us individually.

Now, whenever I tell my story there are always those who – knowing me by my physical origin – do not

know me by reason of my spiritual birth. Seeing only the outside man called Neville, they judge from

appearances and claimI amblaspheming bymaking these bold claims. But a few will believe me and become

Simon by lifting the burden and transforming the lives of those he meets, no matter that it may seemto be.

If you want more money, better health, or the state of marriage, Simon simply hears your desire as granted,

then goes his way believing that what he has heard is now a physical fact which will confront you in the near

future. He never seeks your thanks, but knows your desire must come into being; for he has lifted your

burden upon his shoulder and believes in his own wonderful human imagination.

When you hear and believe in God’s pattern of salvation, you are believing in Jesus. Everyone contains that

pattern – therefore everyone is Jesus. Leave no one distressed. Do not give from your pocket, but give them

every desire of their heart fromyour imagination. You could give money from now until the ends of time, and

not give of yourself! Only when you imagine for another are you truly giving of yourself; and as you believe in

the reality of what you have imagined, are you lifting the burden you are called upon to do, thereby fulfilling

the law ofGod.

When you feel the joy of having done it, don’t wait for the phone to ring; simply go your way and lift the

burden from another, and then another. An artist friend recently told me about some work he had done for a

friend, but had not been paid according to their verbal agreement. After our discussion I heard my friend tell

me the debt was paid. That was all I did. Last night he told me that, seemingly out of the blue, the man came

to his house and gave him a check for the full amount agreed upon. Now I will say to him that check will be

multiplied over and over again, for there are many artists needing your talent to improve theirs.

Don’t say something cannot be done, for the minute you do, you are placing a limit upon yourself. And don’t

limit your friend because of his financial, social, or intellectual background. That’s a heavy cross for him to

bear. Rather, lift his cross and set him free. We live in a world of horrors, but as Blake said: “Don’t be

intimidated by the horrors of the world. All is ordered and correct and must fulfill its destiny in order to attain

perfection. Follow this pattern and you will receive from your own ego a deeper insight into the eternal

beauties of reality. You will also receive an even deeper release fromall that now seems so sad and terrible.”

When you know this truth, you will lift the burden of all those youmeet, for you will know that regardless of

the pigment of his skin, the tongue in which he speaks, his belief, or nationality – you and he are one, for God

is one. The great Sh’ma of the Hebrew confession of faith “Hear O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is

one,” will take on new meaning.

IfGod is one, there cannot be another; so in the end you and I will be the same father of the same son. I have

been sent to convey that one thought to the world. I have taught it through the spoken word and recorded it

inmy book, Resurrection, that God’s true son is David. I have now completed the work I was sent to do.

The priests do not know the mystery. They are men without vision, reading a book they do not understand.

To mymother, a priest was a wise man who could not be contradicted. I never argued withmymother about

that, but I knew she was wrong. As a boy I had visions and knew the priests did not know what they were

talking about; but mother could not understand how her little, uneducated boy could challenge that which she

considered the wise men, because they could speak Latin and read Greek. But I knew their knowledge came

fromstudy, while my wisdom came fromvision.

Having matured, I have been called and sent to reveal the true Son of God who unifies humanity. We will all

know that one son to be our own son, for he will reveal each one of us as God the Father. Jesus Christ in you

is God the Father, and David (in you) is His son. The day will come when David will awaken in you, rise in

you, and call you Father, giving you a certainty which cannot be denied. Maybe from what you have heard

tonight youmay change your belief, but you will never know the certainty of Fatherhood until you see David

as your son. And when everyone sees David as his son, are we not the one Father?

Tonight I urge you to play the part of Simon. If you do, you will not be neglecting but helping yourself; for as

told us in the story of Job, as he prayed for his friends his own captivity was lifted. While locked in his own

desire to free himself of his physical, social, and financial problems, Job forgot himself and prayed for his

friends, and in so doing all that he had lost returned to himone hundred fold. As you pray for your friends you

will discover your own captivity is lifted; your cross becomes lighter and lighter until finally you are light itself.

So take my yoke upon you and learn fromme, for my yoke is easy and my burden is light. Ask for no thanks

or financial gain in the doing; just know the joy of lifting the cross, for it is being lifted from your own

shoulders. When I hear that a man’s needs have been provided for and he has become self-persuaded, it is

true and it becomes true. I never tell himwhat I did. I simply revel in the joy and satisfaction of seeing this law

of Christ fulfill itself. It never fails when put into practice.

Believe in the reality of your own imaginal acts, for faith is loyalty to unseen reality. Have faith in your imaginal

act. Although unseen by the outer world as an external fact, your loyalty to its unseen reality will cause the

unseen to become seen by the world. This is the practical side of this night. You and I can lift the cross from

our own shoulders; for as I lift your cross I am lifting mine, and in a way I do not know the burden is lifted

fromme. Everyone youmeet is yourselfmade visible, for there is nothing but yourself in the world.

As you read these passages I have quoted tonight, pull them together and you will have a beautiful mosaic.

Remember, when you do it to one of the least of these you have done it unto me, the one the world is

seeking. Youmay see me as an insignificant little man, but I amChrist, the Lord God Jehovah. Lift my burden

for even the most insignificant other, and go your way. You may not recognize your harvest, as youmay not

remember the favor you granted another many years ago. Seeing himhealthy and financially secure today you

may forget what you did, and maybe even he will have forgotten he ever asked your help – but what does it

matter? The burden has been lifted. Go forward and play the part of Simon, and the day when you least

expect it you will find the symbol of your creative power as a child wrapped in swaddling clothes. And then

the 53rd chapter of Isaiah will be fulfilled, as your armofGod is revealed.

When scripture unfolds within you, you will know a thrill that is beyond ecstasy. Then you will no longer see

scripture as secular history. You will know from experience that the story is supernatural, and has nothing to

do with history as we understand it. The events spoken of by the apostles did not take place on earth, but in

the soul ofman as he walks the earth.

I have shared with you that which took place in my soul in the hope that I will find a few who will believe me

to the point of puttingmy words into practice. I have unveiled myself to those who believe, and now they are

beginning to be unveiled – while the rabbis and the priests who see me as an impostor remain veiled. Even to

this day, when Moses is read the veil is on their minds. I pray for all of them because they are blinded to the

truth by their refusal to accept any change in their fixed belief. I have come to do one thing: to make clear to

the entire world who the true Son of God is who will unify the world.

Jesus Christ is God the Father and his son is David. When David calls you Father, you will know you are

Jesus Christ, the Lord. If I am God the Father, who is my son? David. I tell you, David is not a physical

being. It is in Spirit that he calls you Father, and scripture is fulfilled. Everyone will be called Father by the

one being who is David, and if he calls you Father and he calls me Father, are we not the same being? Are

we not the one God and Father of all? I tell you, without loss of your individual identity, you will know that

you and I are one.

Now let us go into the silence.

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