An Assured Understanding

Neville 06-13-1969


In Paul’s letter to the Colossians, he said: “I strive for you to have the riches of an assured understanding and

the knowledge of God’s mystery of Christ.” Now, youmay think there is no mystery to Christ and believe –

as any Christian believes – that Christ is Jesus, the son of God; but Paul doesn’t state that. What Paul is trying

to do is change your fixed ideas of the past, in order for you to have the same assured understanding and

knowledge ofGod’s mystery of Christ that he has.

Paul tells us that Christ is our human life. Now, if you took all of your experiences throughout all of the

generations and condensed them into a single youth, it would be David. It is he in whom the Christ-seed

flows. This is the same David who was anointed by the Lord and told that he would bring forth a son who

would become the Lord’s son, being one with the Lord. In other words, David will bring forth a being who is

his Father. That is the mystery.

Housed in you, a human being, is the Christ-seed, which will bud and flower into fulfillment as Jesus the Lord.

Until David is formed in you, you can describe Christ in many ways, but “No one can say ‘Jesus is Lord’

except by the Holy Spirit.” This is true, for the Holy Spirit brings to your remembrance all that you were told

in the beginning.

To understand this, let us look at the parable of the prodigal son. In the story, the one who remained at home

complained, because when the son who entered the prodigal state returned, the father killed the fatted calf,

and gave him the robe and ring. He was given shoes for his feet and much was made over him. Then the

father said: “Son, all that is mine is yours. It is right that we should make merry and be glad for this your

brother was dead and he is alive, he was lost and is found.”

May I tell you: before you entered this world of tribulation and death you were God the Father, but you did

not know it. You had to come into this experience in order to know that the world is yours and allwithin it.

And, since it is all the Father’s, the only way you can know it is all yours is to become the Father. You could

own the earth, but if you did not know everything in it was yours for the taking, you could die of starvation,

not knowing how to appropriate it.

Before you came into this world you were, but you did not know that you were, so you were unaware of all

that you owned. Leaving the awareness of being, you came here and became lost, as your consciousness

wandered from state to state. But when your journey comes to its end, you will return to your heavenly

awareness. Then the Father will embrace you and place his robe and ring of authority upon you. You will be

given the fatted calf, which is a symbol of abundance. Shoes will be placed upon your feet to designate your

freedom, for only slaves go without shoes. Then that which is personified as humanity will stand before you to

reveal your Fatherhood.

This is not spelled out in the scriptures, but – as Blake said, (and he was quite the student of the scriptures):

“That which can be made explicit to the idiot is not worth my care.” The prophets and the apostles wanted to

rouse man’s faculties to act. They did not spell everything out, so that man would dig and find the seed within


Every child born of woman contains this incorruptible Christ-seed which possesses the power of

self-expression and self-development. And every man is destined to mature and become his own father. If

you come out of humanity, then humanity is your father; and if the symbol of humanity is David, and you come

out of David, then he is your father – but not forever. Having planted the Christ-seed in humanity, in time it

will bud and flower and bring to fulfillment all that was contained within it. And when humanity has done his

job completely, you will look back to see David – he who fathered you in the world of time – standing before

you and calling you Father. Then you will have matured, for you will have become your own father’s Father.

That is the mystery of Christ; for the Lord, speaking through his prophet Samuel, told you that when you are

gathered together and lie down with your fathers, “I will raise up your son after you who shall come forth

fromyour body. I will be his Father and he shall be my son.” Coming out of your body, he seems to be your

son, but he is the one who is made to say: “My Father is he who you call God, for I know my Father, as he

and I are one.”

Everyone will one day discover that he is God the Father, whose son is humanity, brought into focus as a

single being called David. I hope you understand, as I cannot spell it out any clearer. I am telling you of my

experiences of scripture. I am not manufacturing them, adding to, or speculating about them, but explaining

scripture as clearly as I possibly can; for I, like Paul, strive for you, that you may have all the riches of an

assured understanding and the knowledge ofGod’s mystery of Christ.

The term, “God’s mystery of Christ” is used to express both the human race and the individualwho attained

the ideal David represents. The human race certainly is not ideal. It is scattered and always at war, but when

the race is finished, its experiences are brought together into one single, beautiful being. While humanity is

scattered its beauty cannot be seen, but at the journey’s end all of its horror is brought together and

personified as a glorious youth called David, the son ofGod, who is God himself.

It was God who buried himself in humanity, and at the end God comes out of humanity. Coming out, he is

humanity’s son; but when David appears, he is God’s son, revealing his father. When that Christ-seed

blossoms and fruits in you, individually, you will share the fruit of your labor by telling everyone who will listen

to you of the mystery of Christ.

You will notice in the prodigal son story that it was the second son who went out. It’s always the second son.

Cain killed Abel, the second son. Isaac, Abraham’s second son, was offered in sacrifice to the Lord. Then

we are told that the Lord loved Jacob, the second son, and hated Esau. It is said that Judah fathered the

twins of Tamar, who – when the first one came out – the midwife put a red string around its finger for

identification; but when he pulled the hand back the second son, Perez, came out. Read the genealogy of

Jesus and you will find all of these second sons recorded there, for that second son is not a child which

comes out of the womb of a woman, but the choice ofGod. You were chosen by God before the foundation

of the world. Then you came out that youmay know you are one with God and that there is nothing but God.

No matter how many billions of us there are here now and how many more will come, there are many who

are left for a future age. They will come out eventually, but we will all be back as God the Father before we

decide on another venture into the world of death. You are blessed because you are the second son and

beloved by God. In the state of Jacob, God told you: “I am your inheritance.” How will you know this is

true? You will know it when God’s son calls you Father, for when he does, you inherit God.

The story of scripture is the most fantastic, incredible story you can ever hear and accept. Can you believe

that you will become your own father’s father? It’s incredible, but true, for that is exactly how the Book of

Matthew begins: “The book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son ofAbraham.” Now,

this genealogy is turned around, for the Bible is based upon a peculiar reversal of order. All through the Bible

the second becomes the first, until the very end, when you find yourself coming out of humanity. Then

humanity congeals and forms itself into a single being and stands before you and calls you Father.

I came out of humanity, for I came out of this garment of death and was born from above. Five months later I

saw humanity -fused into a single being – stand before me and callme Father. Then I knew I had experienced

that state in order to join the heavenly being called Jesus, the Lord. Now I am one with the personification of

all those within whom the Christ-seed has erupted and flowered into fruitage, for David, the personification of

the sumtotal of all humanity and their experiences, called me Father.

Dwell upon this and you will find David, he who was anointed with the destiny of lordship. Samuelwas told

to “Rise and anoint him.” Taking the holy oil, he anointed David in the midst of his brothers, and fromthat day

forward David never lost a battle. Although David did everything man is accused of doing, the Lord never

condemned him because David was always doing the Lord’s will. It was the Lord who said: “I have found in

David, the son of Jesse, a man after my own heart who will do allmy will.” Everything is the will of the Lord.

“As I have willed it, so shall it be. As I have purposed, so shall it stand. My spirit will not turn back until I

have executed and accomplished the intents ofmymind. In the latter days you will understand it perfectly.”

In today’s paper I read where the mafia (whoever they are) wanted to sell the A&P stores a certain

detergent, and when A&P refused, two managers were shot and over a period of two years their warehouses

were burnt, costing the stores over $50 million. One young twenty year-old lad was caught. He was used as

the front man, while his bosses, with their billions, remain hidden. This is what is known as approximate

causes. The youngman will be judged and sentenced for a job he received $100 for. But in his mind’s eye he

was proud to serve those who were so mighty.

Youmay wonder what good can come out of that experience, but it will. Time will prove everything is good,

for all things work for good to those who love the Lord. There isn’t a thing that the Lord cannot resolve,

because he is the master artist. That which you and I judge as discord will be resolved into perfect harmony.

Then one day every experience will stand before you, collected into a single youth whose beauty is so great

you cannot believe he could be the sum total of all of the horrors you have gone through. David is the

personification of the human race and his beauty is indescribable. And who is his father? I AM.

So when the question is asked: “What think ye of the Christ? Whose son is he?” they answered: “The son of

David.” Then he inquired: “Why then did David in the Spirit call him Lord? IfDavid thus calls him Lord, how

can he be David’s son?” In the ancient days a child always referred to his father as “My lord.”When David

stands before you, he is standing in the presence of one called Jesus and calls you: “My father; my lord.”

Like Paul, I amtelling you who I am, and yet you do not understand. But now I amgoing to my Father and

your Father, to my God and your God, for I and my Father are one. Remain where you are now until you are

clothed with the power to understand the things I have been trying to tell you, for I strive for you that youmay

have all the riches of an assured understanding and the knowledge ofGod’s mystery of Christ.

I have shared God’s mystery of Christ with you this night. The word “Christ” is used as the human race

completely personified in the ideal form as David – and also of the individual who realized that ideal.

Everyone in whom that ideal is realized becomes one with the one and only Jesus. The minute God’s mystery

of Christ is realized in you, you are the Lord Jesus, even though you still bear your present identity, and those

who know you by your given name will continue to see you as their friend. But when you take off this

garment it will be for the last time, for you are the Lord Jesus. And while you are here you can put your

garment down in what the world calls sleep and – as the Lord Jesus – do your work by stirring those whom

you have drawn unto yourself, into a quickening state.

Night after night I try to open your eyes so that you will not continue in the sleep of death. Then I return to

this garment called Neville and pick it up again because of my obligations in this world. Every night I enter

that wonderful awareness, but I know my true inheritance will not be mine until I take off this garment of flesh

for the last time. Then without loss of identity I will be one with the Lord Jesus.

You came into this world for the purpose of knowing what you possess. It was given to you, but you did not

know it and cannot know it until you leave your heavenly home to enter the world of death. The son who

remained was told: “All that is mine, is yours. It is fitting that we should make merry and be glad, for this your

brother was dead and is alive, he was lost and is found.” Unable to take the challenge, the eldest son

remained with the father and served himwell in his own wonderful, unconscious way, just like the functions of

your body serve you in their own unconscious way. Right now what you had for dinner is being digested,

assimilated, built into your body as bone, tissue and blood. What you cannot assimilate the body will

unconsciously expel from your system. It’s all part of you, yet playing their unconscious roles. You and I

came out to play conscious roles in the body ofGod, and that conscious role is to be God himself, for there is

only God awakening and the awakening will go on forever. There was a limit as to how many he would bring

into this world of tribulation and death at any one time. They are measured by the number of the sons ofGod

which he chose in himself before that the world was.

Everyone is destined to discover the fatherhood of God within himself. He will know this when humanity

forms itself into a single being and calls him father. Every human part one could ever play, when summarized,

is David – that one being you will one day come out of to be born anew. Then, having matured, you will

realize he is not your father but your son; for David, in the Spirit, will call you father.

I hope this is becoming clearer to you, for it is so important that you understand the distinction between the

two uses of the word “Christ.” He is not only the one in whomthe ideal was attained, but is humanity which

contains the ideal in the form of a precious, incorruptible seed. That Christ-seed contains within itself the

power of self-expression and self-development, and will germinate, bud, and flower into fulfillment in you.

Then the sum total of all of your human experiences will stand before you in all his heavenly beauty and call

you “father.”

The story of Jesus is an acted parable to instruct us. When Paul realized this he said: “O foolish Galatians,

who has bewitched you; before whose eyes Jesus Christ was publicly portrayed as crucified. Are you so

foolish having begun with the spirit are you going to start worshiping some little being of flesh? Did you

receive this understanding by works of the law, or by hearing the story with faith?”Well, the Christian world

has ended with the flesh. They see Jesus as a body of flesh and blood, even though he tells us in the Gospel

of John: “I and my Father are one and my Father is Spirit.” If you and your father are one and your father is

spirit, are you not spirit? Are you who began as spirit going to end as flesh?

Today the entire Christian community worships a man of flesh and blood. But like Paul, I will no longer see

any character of scripture as human; even though I once regarded Christ from the human point of view I

regard himthus no longer. Now I see the entire Bible as an allegory. Paul puts it quite clearly when he says:

“The story of Abraham is an allegory.” As a devout Jew, Paul thought Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob lived as

men after the flesh; but when his eyes were opened he saw all scriptural characters as backgrounds – spiritual

eternal states that culminate in the one in whom the ideal blooms. Then he knew he could not see the

blooming ideal as flesh, when all the others are spirit. All of the characters in scripture are eternal states of the

spirit through which the immortal soul passes and comes to that final state called Jesus, when the seed called

Isaac which was planted in you in the beginning of time, comes to fruition. You will find that the second son is

always sacrificed – Abel, Isaac, Jacob, one after the other, culminating in the one grand being who is God


I hope I have made it clear tonight, for I strive for you that you may have all the riches of an assured

understanding and the knowledge of God’s mystery of Christ. It is my hope that when you hear the word

Christ you will not think of some historical being who lived 2,000 years ago, but understand the great

distinction between the two uses of the word: one representing humanity in its ideal form, and the other

representing the man from that human race in whom the ideal was attained. Everyone in whom that ideal is

attained is Jesus Christ, and you will all know you are he without any loss of identity. That’s the great

mystery. So when you read the Bible in the future, keep this important division concerning the use of the

word Christ inmind. At one minute you are speaking in the name of the Father, and in the next moment in the

name of the son. Learn to discriminate between the two, and you will see how the same awareness is playing

the different parts.

You are playing your part right now by doing God’s will. You will play it just as it has come out, and as it will

be consummated. And remember: in spite of the horrors of the world the end result will be beautiful. You will

see this beauty of the summary when David calls you “Father.” That was the plan before the beginning of

time. In the state of Abraham we were given a preview of what we would experience, but we did not know

that at the end we would become God himself.

How could man believe it, when the son who remained complained that he never once received one kid. He

could not understand how, when the one who was so wasteful returned, he was given the fatted calf, the

robe, and the ring, and shoes were placed upon his feet. He was told, but he could not understand.

Many years ago I had a vision to illustrate this point. I came upon an enormous sea of sunflowers, each with a

human face and each flower rooted in the earth. When one swayed, they all swayed. If one smiled, they all

smiled. Theymoved in unison, while I – certainly not as beautiful as they – knew I was freer than any of them.

Not one could detach himself from that ground. Not one could frown if the others smiled. Not one could

stand erect if the others bent over, for everyone moved in unison. They were the sons who never came out.

But I, having left my heavenly home and gone through hell up to that vision, knew I enjoyed a freedom they

could not conceive of. I was free to walk among them, smile, laugh, cry, and bend over, while they could not

do one thing independent of the other. They did not know that everything was theirs for the taking. But you

who have gone out from the Father will return to the Father as the Father, knowing that everything is yours.

Then you will understand that 50th Psalm: “If I were hungry I would not tell you, for the world is mine and all

within it. The cattle on a thousand hills are mine. Were I hungry I would slay and eat.” Why ask any man’s

permission to use that which belongs to you?

This is the story of scripture, but man is unaware of his inheritance until he is born from above. From then on

he will not be concerned with making an effort to bring his desires into reality; he will know they already are


But until that day, apply the law towards any desire of your heart by assuming you have it. Sleep as though it

were true and it will be drawn to you. Keep on applying the law towards these many ends until the

Christ-seed bursts into bloom. And when it does, your fleshly body will come off for the last time for you will

know you are the Lord Jesus. No one can say that Jesus is Lord except by the Holy Spirit, and when the

Holy Spirit comes he will bring to your remembrance all the things that I have told you by re-enacting the

drama within you.

Having seen the preview of the play before the journey began, when the end comes you will enter the play to

discover you are God the Father.

Now let us go into the silence.

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