All Things Are Possible 1

Neville 11-03-1967


Jesus Christ is the true identity of every one! His name, forever and ever is I am! Therefore, when you say I

am, you are declaring your true identity! Do you believe that all things are possible to someone called Jesus

Christ, but not yourself? If you do it is because you do not know who you are!

In 1929, believing Jesus Christ to be another, I stood in His presence. We embraced and I became the

infinite love that I beheld, for at that moment I was incorporated into His body and became one with the

Risen Lord.

Scripture tells us: “No one has ever seen God except his only Son who is in the bosomof the Father, he has

made himknown.” This is true, for thirty years later God’s only Son made himself known to me. When I was

incorporated into the body of God, I thought I was Neville. But thirty years later, when David of Biblical

fame exploded fromwithin and called me father, I knew I was God.

Although to me the David who said – “I will tell of the decree of the Lord: He said to me, ‘Thou art my Son,

today I have begotten thee,”’ – lived 1000 B.C., and was not in any way related to me. Yet now I know the

truth of the words: “No one has ever seen God until he who is in the bosomof the Father makes himknown.”

Only when my whole being exploded and God’s Son David appeared in the spirit and called me father, did I

know my true identity.

Now I know from experience that I am Jesus Christ and that there is no other God, no other savior. I also

know that you and I came out of the body of the Lord Jesus Christ, and it is to that one body, one Spirit, one

Lord, and God and Father of all, that we return via these experiences which take place within.

Let me explain it in this manner. At the end of the 7th chapter of Luke it is said that Jesus forgave a woman of

her sins, at which time those who sat at the table with him said: “Who is that who forgives sins?” Then he

went from village to village, teaching the good news of the kingdom of God. Mary Magdalene, Joanna, and

Susanna went with him, providing for himout of their means.

The scholars of the great Interpreter’s Bible, considered the most scholarly work as of the moment, made this

observation regarding this passage (and I am quoting accurately): “Jesus did not depend upon chance

hospitality, but was supported by wealthy women.”

Can you believe that? They are speaking of the man who said: “Whatever you desire, believe you have

received it and you will,” and: “All things are possible to himwho believes.” Yet we are asked to believe that

Jesus depended upon others!Why would these scholars say such a thing? Because they had not experienced

Jesus Christ!

This is not a story of three wealthy women, but of those who saw the empty tomb. These characters are

eternal. They are those who told what they had seen by relating their own experiences! It is said that the

apostles who heard did not believe, as it seemed to thembut an idle tale.

This is followed by a story that the Risen Lord walked with these women and – although they did not

recognize him- he asked: “What is it all about?” and one replied: “Do you not know they crucified the great

prophet who was delivered into the hands of the elders and the authorities?”

Then he said: “Is it not necessary that Christ should suffer these things and then come into his glory?” And,

beginning with Moses in the law and all the prophets, he interpreted to them in all the scriptures the things

concerning himself. Since it was late they asked himto remain, and while seated at the table he took bread,

blessed and broke it. As he handed it to themthey recognized himand he vanished out of their sight.

This is not a story of a man who while dining breaks a piece of bread. I amthe bread of life. One day, like a

seed bursting itself, the bread of life will erupt, and the plan of salvation contained within that seed will unfold


When the bread of life breaks in you, David will call you Father in the spirit. Prior to this revelation you will

stand in the presence of the Risen Lord, embraced and incorporated into his body. This incorporation is your

baptism, for it is then that you are united; and remember: “If you have been united with himin a death like his,

you certainly shall be united with himin a resurrection like his.” Notice the difference in tense. You have been

united with himin death, and shall be united with himin resurrection.

The seed has been broken and is breaking in all. You came out of yourself to enter this world, and you will

return to yourself enriched by the experience.

The word translated “suffer” in the sentence: “Is it not necessary that Christ should suffer these things and

then come into his glory?” means “to experience sensations.” In order for you to experience sensations, you

emptied yourself of your Divine Being and accepted the limitations of a slave. You committed yourself unto

death, to experience its sensations. Becoming one with death, you overcome it when you break this bread

and are born fromwithin; for unless this happens, you cannot enter the kingdom ofGod. When this happens,

you will have lifted the son of Man to the knowledge that I am He! Unless you know that, you will remain

missing your goals and continue to die in your sins.

There is no being talking to you from the outside, as Jesus Christ is not another. You and I fulfill everything

said of himindividually, because of our uniqueness. There is no one else like you and you cannot be replaced

in the kingdom ofGod. Although what I tell you seems like a wild, wild tale it is true, for inmy Father’s house

are many rooms. Were it not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you? And when I go I

will come again and receive you unto myself, that where I am, there youmay be also.

Now, the women mentioned in Luke’s story are witnesses! You shall be my witness. I will take you into the

Father’s house, where I will instruct you and tell you who I am. I can take you no farther. You must find the

Father in you, and this you will never do while looking at me as another. When you see me, you see the

Father; but I am not the Father when you look at me. You will find the Father only when his only begotten

son, David, calls you Father!

The Old Testament is a prophetic blueprint, and the New Testament interprets its prophecy. When this

prophecy is experienced it is so unlike what appears to be on the surface, for the Old Testament is simply a

foreshadowing – an adumbration – in a not altogether conclusive or immediately evident way. When it

happens in you (and it will) you will be born from above and discover God’s Son, who reveals you as his

Father. The temple of your spiritual body will be torn from top to bottom and the Holy Ghost will descend

upon you in bodily formas a dove. Then God’s plan of salvation will have fulfilled itself in you.

Men, thinking themselves so very good, are saying that Jesus was kept by wealthy women, and millions of

people believe them. There are those in my own profession who will point to this passage and get wealthy

women to support them- and they will. Believing they are doing God’s work, as you would milk cows. How

could a man who said: “Whatever you desire, believe you have received it and you will,” depend upon

wealthy women for support!

I have been offered diamonds, jewels of all kinds, money, my rent paid for five years at a time, all kinds of

things – but I have never accepted any of these. I have paid all of my debts but not through gifts such as

these. When they told me this was common practice, I assured themthat I was not common and was not in

the market for what they offered.

But the women spoken of in Luke were his witnesses, those who recorded their visions to support his claim;

for one must have proof that everything said of Jesus Christ, in scripture, has been experienced by him.

Should not Christ experience these sensations, these emotions, and then enter into his glory?

I have to have scripture confirmed, for I am not just talking to you on this level, but on every level of your

being. One friend followed me from place to place, fromlevel to level, as I taught scripture. In her letter she

said: “At each lecture I became so excited my heart began to split, and at the very end I could hardly contain

myself.” Are we not told: “Did not our hearts burn within us when he opened unto us the scriptures?” What

else is there?

If you read a doctor’s report in the morning paper and remember what the same doctor reported a year ago

about the same condition of the human heart, you would find that the doctor had completely contradicted

himself. Or, perhaps he is only quoting another doctor. Well, if there are one-million doctors, do you know

you will find one million different treatments for the same disease? Treatments are more fashionable than the

clothes you wear, changing often – but the word ofGod is forever!

We are told: “I am fromabove. You are frombelow. You are of this world. I amnot of this world.” If this is

true, how can scripture be secular? He is telling you that he belongs to an entirely different region. That he is

from the skull, where he was buried in the beginning of time, and not from the womb of any woman who

bears children into time!

Everything you have ever done was done by Christ! He is your life and without Jesus Christ in you, you could

not breathe. Allowing everything to happen, he will experience it all, as you!

Believe every precept literally, for it will be fulfilled literally. Believe that all things are possible to you and that

you are what you want to be. Persist in that assumption and it will harden into fact. Having assumed the life

you now live, no one can take it fromyou but yourself! You have the power to lay it down by no longer being

conscious of it, and the power to pick it up again through consciousness.

You are the Cosmic Christ who nailed your power on humanity in six vortices as the six-pointed Star of

David. At the moment of sheer ecstasy God began a good work in you, and He will bring it to completion as

His predestined state unfolds fromwithin!

Now let us go into the silence.

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